To Be Free : Understanding and Eliminating Racism

Thomas Peacock,Marlene Wisuri, Foreword by Eric Jolly

Imagine if we were free of racismfree from the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual toll that it takes on both racists and those subjected to racism. Imagine to be free. Often, however, just the mention of the word racism makes people nervous. Many people of color, however, deal with the reality of racism in all its forms on a daily basisin stores, in schools, at work, on the bus, while watching television, listening to music, browsing the Internet, or reading magazines and newspapers. They cant pretend it away because it is always there in all its ugliness before them. What if, however, we decided to acknowledge racism and talk about ways of preventing, reducing, and alleviating it? And what if we began the discussion among young people, before they solidify their beliefs about people of other races? TO BE FREE is written to help facilitate that discussion. Curriculum Guide (pdf) is available for free downloand from our website at