Holy Spirit Fire from My Mouth

M M Kirschbaum

Why are beloved believers struggling along the way? What is putting us in this bondage? Are we contributory to our problems or we are the foolish bystanders? Where do we stand on this issue? How can we restore that power that commands? With technology, we would expect society to move forward but we are unwittingly moving backwards. Please open your mind for we serve a boundless God. When our Lord Jesus was ascending into His rightful position with the Father, He made some promises to us. He specifically said He will provide us with a Comforter. He knows what this world is about. Therefore, He dare not leave us without help lest His work and efforts also come to zero. Many believers are very confused about the position of the Holy Spirit. Some so-called persons of God have also taken advantage of this ignorance to torture Gods children into unwarranted submission. This should not be. We all have a right to the Holy Spirit because He came directly to witness to us. Do you know that the power from your mouth is spiritual in nature? It is creative and affects your situation either positively or negatively. Take control of your situation by authorizing the Holy Spirit fire to come forth from your mouth in the name of our Lord Jesus - amen?