Critical Success Factors of Projects

Fida Hussain,Ahmed Imran Hunjra,Majed Rashid

This study can be employed by the governmental organizations for the implementation of their infrastructure development to make the projects successful. It benefits the government for infrastructure development that ultimately has the positive impacts on the income, education & health of the communities with improvement in quality of life. Through the application of such factors in the projects execution, the people of Pakistan can be more benefited with respect to their social assistance & poverty reduction. Moreover, economic benefits such as increased income, employment, yield increase, and enhanced earnings etc. are achieved by successful & sustainable infrastructure which is only possible through application of identified factors affecting the success of public sector development projects. Since critical factors normally affects the project success in public sector development, have been investigated and conclusion has been drawn in the study, therefore, the project managers, top management, the governmental/development organizations as well as the engineering firms, contractors, stakeholder, and even the community are the real beneficiaries of this research.